Dogs listed on this page are not available for adoption.  Due to extensive medical needs, they will remain in TBIN's care as Hospice Dogs.  

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Gabby is an 11 year old Pug that TBIN was asked to help when her current guardian could not offer her the care she so desperately needed.  When we learned that Gabby had been diagnosed with Diabetes a few weeks prior to them contacting us and had not been receiving any insulin, we knew she needed immediate veterinary attention. Untreated Diabetes is fatal and we knew that Gabby would need a great deal of TLC. Sadly, because Gabby had gone without proper care, she had hyperglycemia (her blood glucose was in the 600-750+ range) and so she developed ketoacidosis which is a very serious complication of Diabetes.  Our vet felt that had Gabby gone for much longer without care, she would not have made it.  We have worked tirelessly with our veterinarian to manage her Diabetes during the three years she has been with us.  Unfortunately, Gabby was just recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.  Due to her age and advanced medical needs, Gabby will remain in TBIN's care where she will live out the remainder of her life receiving the very best veterinary care, and tons of love from her foster family.  

We make a promise to every dog that enters our care: that they will never again be homeless or go without the care they need and deserve.  While our hope is to match the dogs in our charge with loving forever families, sometimes a dog's age or health status means that this does not happen.  In those cases, the dogs remain in a TBIN foster home where they receive the highest level of veterinary care, customized nutrition and supplementation plans, and whatever they need.  Caring for seriously aged and special needs dogs requires tremendous financial support.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help offset our extensive veterinary bills.  ALL donations go solely to veterinary costs are deeply appreciated.