Thank you for your interest in a rescued dog!

If you are interested in welcoming one of TBIN’s dogs in to your family, the first step is to complete our adoption application.  Please also take a moment to look around our website to get to know us a bit better.  You can find additional information about who we are, our unique approach to rescue, and answers to numerous questions by visiting the following pages: 

Our Philosophy
Our Promise

Prior to completing the application, please read the following information carefully:

Adoption requirements and guidelines: 

  • Our adoption area encompasses Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, as well as parts of WV and PA within a 50 mile distance from Smithsburg, MD.  This area is based on TBIN's requirement for a home visit.  Due to the special needs dogs in our care, our volunteers are simply unable to travel long distance, as such  we are are not able to consider applicants outside of our adoption area.  
  • ​Applicants must be at least 21 years of age - no exceptions.  
  • All dogs in the applicant’s home must be spayed or neutered.  The only permissible exception would be for dogs who have a compelling medical issue that prohibits them from being altered (and this will be verified with your veterinarian).  
  • All dogs are spayed and neutered prior to being adopted.  They are also current on necessary vaccines, have had a fecal test and/or have been dewormed, have been Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis tested, have been microchipped, and have been seen by a licensed veterinarian.  Any health issues are addressed and any additional needs such as surgeries, dentals, or medications are provided.  A dog's medical history is provided to the adopter at the time of the adoption (this includes information from the former guardian (if available) and records for all vetting performed by TBIN's veterinarians).  
  • If you are applying for a specific dog, please read the dog's biography carefully.  Not all dogs are suitable for all applicants.  
  • All members of the household must be in agreement to adopt a rescued dog.  TBIN does not adopt dogs as gifts.  
  • All applicants must be willing to allow TBIN to conduct a home visit.  This is a mandatory step in the application screening process.  
  • We do not require that you have previously shared your life with a dog, however, preference is given to applicants that have (and can provide a veterinary reference).    
  • As a toy breed rescue, we typically do not consider homes with larger breed dogs (dogs over 40 pounds).  
  • In an effort to save time, please ensure that you have given your veterinarian your consent to release information to Toy Breeds In Need Rescue.
  • TBIN requires adopters to stay in touch with us for the life of the dog.  We want our adopters to become members of our extended family and want to ensure that the placement continues to be a success for both canine and human alike.
  • Adoption fees must be paid in full at the time of the adoption.  Our adoption fees range from $250 - $400 and depend on age and health.  Older dogs or those with special needs have reduced adoption fees.  
  • TBIN dogs are cared for in a holistic manner and as such, we do ask that our adopters be willing to continue a similar level of care including, but not limited to, feeding a high quality, nutritious food, minimal vaccinations, and utilizing positive based training methods.  This will be discussed with you during the prescreen interview, and handouts will be provided to our adopters.  In addition, we offer support to adoptive families for the life of the dog and are always available to answer questions or provide guidance.  
  • Please note that TBIN is unable to hold dogs for approved adopters.  We ask that, if approved, you please be ready to accept a dog in to your home prior to completing the Adoption Application.  

We ask that you please be certain that you are prepared to make the lifelong commitment that comes with adopting a dog (for toy breeds, this could be as long as 20 years).  Please be honest with yourself (and us!) about your schedule, your abilities, and your willingness to care for a dog for his or her entire life.  We also ask that if you are applying for a specific breed of dog that you research the breed carefully.  Toy breeds are known for having a wide array of health issues, which can be costly.  Please be sure that the dog you are interested in is a realistic fit for you and your lifestyle.  

While some potential adopters may wonder why rescues are so strict when seeking a forever home for a homeless dog, we ask that you please understand that we have personally made a lifelong commitment to every dog in our care, and this is something we take very seriously.  These dogs have already lost at least one home and so we feel it is our duty to rigorously screen adopters to ensure that the next move that one of our dogs makes, is to his or her forever home.  

Please note that completing an adoption application in no way guarantees that you will be permitted to adopt a TBIN dog.  TBIN reserves the right to refuse any application, at any time, for any reason.  Our goal is to match deserving dogs with loving homes.  While the adoption process may seem lengthy, it is well worth it!  

Though we try to respond as quickly as possible, please allow a minimum of 3-5 days for a response.  We are all volunteers who are working very hard to save these wonderful dogs. We have demanding jobs, families, and dogs of our own to care for.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  TBIN handles inquiries and correspondences with respect and professionalism - we kindly ask the same in return.  

What to expect from the adoption process: 

  • Once your application is received, one of our volunteers will begin the approval process by conducting a veterinary or personal reference check.  
  • If the reference check is successful, the next step is the prescreen interview.  This is a telephone call that typically lasts a minimum of 45 minutes.  It gives us the opportunity to get to know you better, to better understand what you are looking for in a canine companion, and to answer any questions you may have.  
  • If the prescreen interview goes well and both the applicant and TBIN wish to continue the screening process, you will be contacted by a volunteer to schedule your home visit.  
  • It is only after the successful completion of these steps that an applicant is eligible to be considered approved to adopt.  
  • Please note that if approved, applicants should be prepared, and may be asked, to travel to the dog's foster home (all foster homes are within the Maryland, DC, Northern VA area.  
  • All decisions regarding application approval and placement of TBIN dogs are made solely by TBIN.