Toy Breeds In Need Rescue promises to stand behind every dog that we welcome in to our rescue, and our family.  This means the following: 

- Every dog that enters our organization becomes a family member and is treated as such.

-  All dogs receive the medical care that they individually need.  There are no limits or exceptions to this.  

- We stand behind every single dog that we place.  For life.  This means that if for any reason, at any time, the dog can no longer stay in the adoptive home that we rigorously selected, the dog will be returned to us.  Again, there are no exceptions to this.  

- If a home cannot be found for a dog in our care, the dog will live out his or her life with us.  We do not euthanize dogs for ANY reason other than severe and serious medical issues that have no hope of treatment and/or if quality of life cannot be maintained.  

- We promise to cherish each life that has been entrusted to us and work tirelessly to ensure that each dog is placed in a home that will be able to offer he or she the best life possible.  

- Finally, we promise to bear witness for the dogs we cannot save.  We promise to hold the ones whose bodies can simply endure no more and help them as they cross over so that their last moments are ones of peace and tranquility.