TBIN uses a gentle, holistic approach to restoring and maintaining wellness of the dogs entrusted to us.  While we recognize that there are many different approaches to canine guardianship, this approach has served us, and the dogs in our charge, for more than a decade.  The following offers a brief overview of our opinions and beliefs.  


As a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing toy breed dogs, we are acutely aware of the pet overpopulation crisis.  As such, our policy is that all dogs that TBIN places will be altered prior to adoption.  Puppies will reside in foster homes until they are at an appropriate age (or weight) to be safely spayed or neutered. 


We believe that dogs do best on a high quality, species appropriate, raw food or home cooked diet (ideally comprised of organic ingredients).  


In addition to a high quality diet, we also use supplements like probiotics and high quality fish oil, as well as other vitamins and nutrients tailored to each dog’s individual needs.  


When used appropriately, vaccines play a vital role in protecting the health and safety of our dogs.  With the exception of the Rabies vaccine which must be given in accordance with state law, TBIN utilizes a gentle approach to revaccination always considering an animal’s own immunity (based on prior vaccinations and titers), their risk of exposure, age, breed, and current health status.  


TBIN believes in using only positive reinforcement based training methods.  This is something that we require our adopters to comply with.  The use of punishment or harsh corrections is strictly prohibited by both foster homes and adopters.  We believe that dogs deserve to be treated kindly and should be taught what is expected of them in a gentle manner consistent with the way in which they learn.  

Emotional and mental wellness

One area that is often overlooked in caring for our four-legged family members is that of their emotional wellbeing.  Dogs are as unique and individual as we are and as such, their needs vary greatly.  In addition to long walks on lead and playing in a fenced yard, we feel that dogs also need mental stimulation.  Using things like appropriate chews, a stuffed Kong, brain-teaser toys, and creating fun games (for example, hiding treats around the house) help bolster confidence and strengthen bonds between canines and humans.  This is especially important for dogs who have recently been relocated (either surrendered to a rescue or adopted from one).  

Restoring balance and health

TBIN uses both holistic and allopathic methods to treat diseases and chronic conditions.  By offering a high quality diet, minimizing stress and supporting emotional wellness, we support the body naturally so that the immune system can restore and maintain health.  We work with several veterinarians utilizing traditional pharmaceuticals and therapies, as well as various holistic modalities including herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.  TBIN also uses specialty vets when the need arises.