​Summer came to TBIN after her guardian became terminally ill.  Through time and TLC, this timid little Poodle blossomed in to a vibrant, outgoing, playful Poodle in her foster home.  Summer required extensive veterinary care upon being relinquished to TBIN and we would like to again thank those who donated towards her medical expenses.  Summer's days are now spent romping with a young terrier pup, being doted on by her loving Mom and Dad, and cuddling in their bed at night.  We could not have found a more perfect home for this wonderful little girl!

​Bianca has finally found her forever home and spends her days supervising household activities, cuddling with her Puggies siblings, and draping herself across her Mom's lap, whenever the opportunity presents itself!

​Yoshi is now loving life with his new Mom and Dad and Beagle brother (whom the couple also rescued). After taking phenomenal care of their beloved Pug who passed a couple of months ago, this wonderful couple was finally ready to welcome a new Pug in to their hearts. Yoshi will be living the good life, sleeping in bed with his parents and spending the day with his Mom and Beagle buddy. A huge thank you to his adopters for choosing adoption and for being such wonderful dog parents. This is what it's all about. 

While we cannot be sure what the first 12 months of Evie's life held, we know it was not befitting of the wonderful little girl that she is.  Found as a stray and taken to a local shelter, Evie had to have both of her eyes removed.  Upon coming in to TBIN's care, Evie was shy, timid, and overwhelmed by the world around her.  With time and love, this little girl blossomed and became a fantastic companion.  Evie is now living the good life with a Chihuahua sister.  Her new parents are wonderfully kind-hearted people who saw what a gem this little princess is and immediately fell in love with her.  Congrats Evie!  

Kate and Pippa lost their person and then found themselves in an abusive home where Kate was thrown against a wall.  The girls were headed to a shelter when a kind woman stepped in and offered to take them in.  She then contacted TBIN and asked us to take them in to our rescue.  The girls left their past behind, received the vetting they needed and then began their search for their forever home...what they found was truly the home of their dreams.  We absolutely could not be more thrilled for these pint sized sweeties or their new fabulous Momma, who has a heart of gold and a lot of love to offer her new little babies. The girls will be thoroughly spoiled, decked out in darling duds, and most of all, they will have the life and solid gold care that every dog deserves.

Our stunning supermodel with a heart of gold found the perfect forever family!  Her new Mommy has lots of love to offer which works works perfectly as Chloe's favorite thing in life is to be near her favorite person.  

Brandi found Shih Tzu Shangri-La with three new Shih Tzu siblings to lay and play with.  We could not be happier for this former Mommy turned adored baby doll!  

Ian, now Desi, searched high and low for his forever family. Good things really do come to those who wait...Desi is now living the good life with his awesome Dad.  They enjoy long hikes, baseball games, and napping together.  

Zoe and Emma's adopters decided that two was far better than one and adopted both of these sweet girls.  Zoe and Emma went from living outside at a breeding kennel (with no heat) to living in the lap of luxury.  These two lovely ladies now spend their days snuggling in fluffy beds and playing with an assortment of toys in the care of their doting and loving Pinscher Parents.  We simply could not be happier for Zoe and Emma.  

Sweet baby Flip found his forever family which includes another Min Pin for him to romp and play with and a huge fenced yard for lots of puppy adventures.  Congrats to this deserving little boy and his new Fabulous Family!  

Cocoa (now Apollo) was just the dash of sweetness his forever family was looking for.  He will now spend his days snuggling on the couch and taking long walks around his new neighborhood.  Cocoa is happy to finally be home​.  

Ansel has finally found the picture perfect life.  His days are now filled with tons of love, attention, belly rubs, and naps in the sun!  Ansel is proof that older dogs really do make perfect companions.  

​George found his castle and is enjoying life with his new loyal subjects.  We could not be happier for this wonderful little Pug!  

TBIN's Adopted Dogs...they found their Happily Forever After!

Sometimes an adoptive home comes along that just feels right. Such was the case with the lovely couple who fell in love with Zoe.  They are true Pug people who have opened their heart to two older Rescued Pugs and who immediately were enchanted by Zoe's quirks and character.  We wanted a truly special home for Zoe - one where her golden years could be spent in peace and happiness...and that is exactly what we found.  Our hearts are so full and grateful that this sweet gal has finally found her people.  A huge, huge thank you to her new parents.  You guys are awesome!

Kermit came to us in pretty rough shape but with some TBIN TLC, he healed and was ready to find his forever.  Kermit leaped in to the perfect new pad where he shares his life with three Puggie Princesses and the best parents a Puggie Frog Prince could ask for.  Kermit sleeps in bed with this family, has lots of play time, and is truly living the good life.  His family has been nothing but eager to do everything they can to give him all the care and love he needs.  We are so grateful to his new family for giving this boy the home we had been dreaming of for him.  

Bridgette has finally found her true forever home with a family that dotes on her and treats her like the Puggie Princess she is.  She spends her day hanging out with her pooch pal, Ike along with her Mom and Dad.  She enjoys long walks in the woods and fireside naps.  Her Mom is a truly wonderful lady who even cooks for her Bridgette!  Bridgette repays her with lots of snuggles and snorts.  A huge thanks to her family for giving this girl the life we had dreamed of for her.  

Betty was bounced around from the streets of DC, to a shelter, to a home, to the shelter, and then to TBIN.  She longed for a family all her own and she finally found just that.  She now spends her days living in a quiet home where she is always the star of the show.  Her new parents immediately fell in love with her and Betty settled in as if she had lived there her whole life. We could not be happier for this very deserving little girl. 

​Holly was loving surrendered when her elderly guardian had to move in to an assisted care facility that did not accomodate four-legged companions.  As a senior Poodle with diminished vision, the transition was a bit tough at first but, Holly blossomed in the care of her foster family and was adopted by an amazing couple and their sweet, sassy, female Yorkie.  Holly now spends her days living the lavish life, receiving tons of attention, and accompanying her family on trips to the beach.  Live it up, Holly - you deserve it!